Enjoying Groningen again

After starting my Postdoc in November 2018 with a brand new and exciting project on distraction and attention control, I used the chance to return to Groningen again during the Cognitive Modeling Spring School to continue my modeling work on cognitive load. As before, the inspiring atmosphere helped me to make progress in my work and collect new ideas. I’m very grateful to have such great connections here!

Returning to Groningen

To add the final piece to my PhD thesis before submission, I had the amazing opportunity to return to the Cognitive Modeling Group at the University of Groningen and complete my ACT-R model under the kind supervision of Jelmer Borst. I made incredible progress during that time and also had the chance to enjoy the beauty of the city. My favorite activity: A relaxing bike ride to the Hornsemeer. An additional highlight for me as cat lover was to visit the cats cafĂ©. I’m really attached to the city by now and always look forward to coming back!

Cognitive modeling in Groningen

Like the year before, 2014 kept me busy with studying and teaching, particularly due to my master thesis. Since this involved dealing with ACT-R to a large extent, I seized the chance to travel to the Netherlands together with my colleague Sabine Prezenski, and attended the 4th ACT-R Spring School at the University of Groningen. Under the kind supervision of Menno Nijboer and Professor Niels Taatgen, I could improve and extend my model within the master class.