A warm welcome to my website! I am tenure-track professor at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and head of the Department of Teaching and Learning with Intelligent Systems. My interdisciplinary team and I are part of the Cyber Valley ecosystem and connect psychology, education and artificial intelligence to develop adaptive educational technologies. Ongoing research projects cover basic and applied perspectives related to underlying cognitive processes, learner characteristics, and context factors. They involve, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Modeling and simulation of human cognition with cognitive and connectionist approaches
  • Advanced statistical methods (e.g., multilevel models, time series, structural equation models)
  • Distraction, interruption, and attention control in applied task settings
  • Multimodal cognitive load assessment by performance, behavior, and physiology
  • Effects of individual differences in human-computer interaction (e.g., age, gender, special needs)
  • Critically reflecting on implications of intelligent systems in society (within the SRF IRIS)

Currently, I have three open positions:

  • One position for a research assistant focusing on software development in the BeeLife project (with possibility to work towards a PhD)
  • One position for a PhD student connecting cognitive research on multimedia learning with AI and software engineering
  • One position for a postdoc with focus on critically reflecting broader impacts of simulation science

Feel free to get in contact with me if you are interested in my research or want to work with me!